Wedding & Honeymoon

Say "yes" in a romantic ambience

Get married in the open air with a great panoramic view.

Make use of the conveniences of the unbureaucratic wedding village.

Say "yes" during your holiday and spend your honeymoon right afterwards.

Whether you would like to get married on a Sunday or on holidays, at sunrise or in the red sunset -
(almost) all your wedding dreams can come true here.

You can decide if you would like to get married in intimate togetherness or with your family or friends *.

Spend an unforgettable honeymoon with pure romance.

* Your relatives and friends are also welcome to spend the night and enjoy the amenities of our hotel.

Contact for your wedding ceremony

Are you interested in getting married in one of most beautiful and impressive locations in Germany?

So we will give you more information and help you with the organization of your wedding as well as the formalities.                 If you are interested, we are pleased to send you our wedding brochure.


Your contact for weddings
Peggy Enders-Rapp
Tel.: +49 (0) 9227 204-446