Secret until the wedding

For the groom the wedding dress must stay a secret until the wedding day. He must not see it before. So take your mother, aunt, sister or friends with you when you go wedding dress shopping.


Tree trunk sawing

For the sawing of the log a saw with two ends is used. Only through the joint force of bride and groom the trunk can be sawn. This action symbolizes balance, giving and taking, as well as the motto: "together we are strong".


Cutting the wedding cake

The wedding cake is only cut together by the bride and groom. The one who has their hand on top will probably be the one in charge in the marriage. Usually that is the man because in a harmonic marriage, normally, the man is the head of the family. The woman should therefore be aware to have her hand under his hand and do not give her husband the impression that she is the one in charge already. 


Bride On Wedding Day

Another tradition from ancient times is the ritual that the bride should necessarily carry 4 things with her. If you believe in it, then this wedding custom is a must!

She must carry something old . This means, among other things, parts of the family jewellery, which represents the bride's past.

The bride has to carry something new. Most of the time this is the wedding ring, which the bride gets put on her finger. This symbolizes the future.

She must wear or carry something borrowed with her. The borrowed is a sign of friendship.

The bride must wear or carry something blue during the wedding. This is often done by a blue garter. The blue stands for fidelity in marriage.


Flower children to scatter flowers

As the name "flower children" suggests, the children are to scatter flowers on the way to civil marriage or out of the church. Usually this is done by the smallest children from the family of the bride or groom.



Gas-filled balloons are sent up in the air. All balloons are equipped with a card which is attached to the bottom of the balloon with a cord . Here is an example for a card: "wedding date: - Today bride and groom are celebrating their wedding in Wirsberg. Dear finder of the balloon: It would be nice if you had some time and postage for a wedding greeting to the future couple! Please state your own address, finding location and date. Thank you in advance. Address of the wedding couple."


Wedding Dance

One of the most popular wedding customs is the wedding dance. Usually the wedding couple opened the evening with a Viennese waltz dance. Please note the following: basic step and one or two figures of the Viennese Waltz are required. If you have no knowledge about that, you should make sure to first practice with friends or go to a dance school.


Bridal Bouquet throw

One of the most famous wedding customs is the throwing of the bridal bouquet. At the end of the wedding reception the bride gets blindfolded and throws the bridal bouquet into the crowd of wedding guests. Only unmarried females are allowed to catch the bouquet. It is said that the person who catches the bridal bouquet, will be the next to enter the state of matrimony.