Interested in culture?

Are you interested in culture? Here is something you will definitely like:
It does not matter if you are interested in attractions in the immediate vicinity, the City of Wagner Bayreuth, the World Heritage Bamberg or the nearby Beer Town of Kulmbach - you will certainly get your money worth.

During your stay, our reception team will be happy to provide you with further information about attractions to be seen and cultural tips.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Wirsberg and surroundings

If you would like to discover the culture around Neuenmarkt/Wirsberg, there is a variety of museums and attractions you can go to.




Discover Bayreuth on your own

The Festival and Richard Wagner City of Bayreuth is just a few kilometers away. Many worthwhile destinations and attractions such as the Margravial Opera House, the Festival Theatre, the Hermitage with the Old Castle and New Castle as well as the beautiful historic city center with a variety of museums are waiting to be discovered by you.




Individual guided tours in Bayreuth

We will gladly - after prior request and availability - arrange individual guided tours for your stay, even for only one Person.

Discovering Bayreuth in Japanese

for a duration of 2 hours or more

For our Japanese guests we are happy to organize guided city tours of Bayreuth in Japanese language. Our guide, who is originally from Japan, will explain the cultural highlights and sights to you. You may also visit these with our guide but please be aware that the entry fees are not included in the tour.

Our certified German tour guide offers the following tours in English, French and German language:

Historical Bayreuth (about 1.5 hours)

Get to know the historical hightlights of Bayreuth with a guided city tour.




Bayreuth at night (about 1.5 hours)

Get to know the special flair of Bayreuth with a guided torch tour.




Womenpower in Bayreuth  (about 1.5 hours)

Learn how the Bayreuth women dominated the cityscape at all times.




Bayreuth City tour in the footsteps of Richard Wagner (about 2 hours)

Explore the stages of life of Richard Wagner with our tour guide and learn more about his special relationship with Bayreuth.




Tour through the historic old town of Bayreuth (about 2 hours)

Stroll through the city's history with interesting facts about the Bayreuth celebrities.More



Culinary Bayreuth then and now (about 2 hours)

Find out more about the life and the culinary preferences of the Bayreuth celebrities.






compact & convenient Bayreuth (about 1 hour)

Discover Bayreuth with a guided tour in your own car.





Even from afar the Plassenburg greets you if you drive to the close city of Kulmbach. Narrow alleys, romantic corners and a beautyful town square will fascinate you as well as the unique museums.





In Kronach you can visit the Fortress Rosenberg and the Castle Lauenstein. Another attraction is the German-German Border Museum in Mödlareuth.